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Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

Hyperion announces NEW upgraded interface to Yokogawa Centum DCS

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Nicosia, Cyprus. 4th November 2010. Hyperion Systems Engineering (Hyperion), the leading independent solutions provider to the global process industry announced today the release of a major upgrade to its own-developed interface to the Yokogawa Centum DCS platform which was first announced in 2007.

Over the last 3 years the company has been developing the software tool adding further capability and enhancements across its successful deployment in a significant number of simulator projects.

New features of the interface include:

  • Added support for the integrated safety system Prosafe-RS which is increasingly popular feature of Yokogawa DCS’s.
  • Displays for Field Bus devices are fully functional, with control calculations being performed by blocks in the process model.
  • Maximum number of controllers (FCS and SCS) has been increased by 50%, and now supports up to 48 controllers.
  • Hardware alarms for all control functions can be configured and controlled by the instructor. This is an important feature as the safety system includes checks on transmitter health as part of logic.
  • Record and Replay of Operator actions. Significant Operator actions are recorded in a journal which can be edited, and replayed. This can be used to automate operator actions, or as part of a training exercise.
  • Originally developed for CS3000, updated and verified on the latest version CENTUM-VP  


The supporting tools have also been updated:


Spreadsheet tool has simple configuration block allowing the engineer to select variables within each block control type. This has been used to preserve controller tuning constants, when models are updated.

New DCS start up and health monitoring tool, this provides a visual indication of progress and state of each controller. It also has support for multiple DCS hardware configurations making it easy to switch between process sections.

Dr. Symeon Kassianides, CEO of Hyperion stated, “The continuous development of added value tools and interfaces like the one announced today, reinforces Hyperion’s position as the leading independent OTS provider in the world. These tools coupled with the unparalleled experience of our engineering resources make Hyperion unique in its proven ability to integrate technologies from different main stream vendors into one seamless, working Operator Training Simulator. Another worth mentioning point is that we have already delivered this software in 7 simulator projects around the world, thereby proving its robustness and performance.”

About Hyperion

Hyperion Systems Engineering (www.hyperionsystems.net) is the world’s leading independent provider of systems engineering solutions and services to the process industries. A privately held company with 16 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Power, Water and Metals industries, Hyperion has a well-established reputation for groundbreaking innovation, helping clients to drive down costs and dramatically increase operational efficiencies.

Hyperion provides Process Modeling and Simulation, Basic and Advanced Process Control, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Supply Chain Management, and Project Management Consulting, with specialized expertise including Operator Training Simulators, Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems, Environmental Compliance and Reporting, Laboratory Information Management Systems and Advanced Planning and Scheduling.

Headquartered in Cyprus, Hyperion operates around the world with regional offices in Athens (Greece), Moscow (Russia), Al-Khobar (Saudi Arabia), Pune (India), Shanghai (China), and Singapore. In addition, Hyperion’s wholly owned UK-based subsidiary, Broner Metals Solutions Ltd, is a leading provider of supply-chain management solutions to the international steel and aluminium manufacturing industry.

Hyperion Systems Engineering plc. is a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus and is the holding company of the Hyperion Systems Engineering group with registered subsidiaries in:

• Greece

• Russian Federation

• Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

• Kingdom of Bahrain

• India

• China

• Singapore

• United Kingdom

Hyperion is certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standard, by EuroCert