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Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

Why Hyperion for Operator Training Simulators

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Our approach offers significant advantages. Key elements of this offer are:

  • Best Quality Simulation Technology
  • Modeling Experience of Simulation Team
  • Realistic DCS-System Operator Training Environment Experience
  • Best Quality Simulation Technology

Our Operator Training Simulator models are based on a combination of technologies that deliver highly accurate real-time representations of plant behaviour. Each element of the component technologies is fundamentally superior.  Key process content is based on rigorous first principles chemical engineering, using models developed by the world’s largest process simulation development teams.

We use class leading thermodynamics and physical properties for the process simulation system. The Operator Training Simulator model will include all components to accurately represent the process streams.

The simulator architecture allows the OTS model to be distributed over multiple computers and CPUs to allow for flexibility on the size of the models and the complexity of the models.

The result is Operator Training Simulator models of outstanding quality that are suitable for use in training, safety and engineering.

Modeling Experience of Simulation Team

Oil and Gas facilities
Petrochemical plants including Ethylene crackers
Polymer plants

Please refer to our experience.

Realistic DCS-System Operator Training Environment Experience

For operator training purposes, it is important that the simulation environment is as realistic as possible. This requires that the simulator should preferably link to actual DCS operator consoles so that the training environment is as similar as possible to that in the control room. 

Our engineers have worked with Honeywell, Yokogawa and Emerson software and provided simulation solutions for use. This interface and associated software has already been applied to a number of projects including systems for United, Aramco, Shell, BP, PeruLNG, etc.