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Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

OTS Benefits & Technology

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Benefits of Operator Training Simulators

Dynamic simulation helps process and power generation companies significantly improve overall plant efficiency and bottom line performance and provide the ideal basis for efficient, risk-free operator training and operations improvement. During the past several years, dynamic simulation has been recognized as a key enabling technology in the Process Industries.

Operator Training Simulators are detailed, high fidelity, real-time simulation systems that are custom-built to match the dynamic behavior of single or multiple plant units and their associated control systems. An Operator Training System may be used throughout the plant lifecycle to train operating crews, resulting in fewer operating errors and quicker and safer startups and shutdowns, improve plant reliability due to improved response to abnormal situations, optimize throughput and product quality, and provide the basis for evaluation of control strategies.

  • Operational Skill is a Competitive Advantage 
    • Faster start-up 
    • Effective response to Abnormal situations 
    • Operations team constancy of performance 
    • Reduced losses and higher levels of production sooner
  • Operator Training Simulators is an effective way to develop and sustain operations skills 
    • Unique safe environment for “hands on” training 
    • Reproducible training sessions 
    • Measurable performance
  • Added Value from engineering benefits 
    • Validation of design and configuration (ie DCS check out) before startup 
    • Operational procedure improvements 
    • What if analysis

OTS Technology

The use of advanced flow sheeting modeling technology as part of an ISO-certified project methodology allows efficient deployment of dynamic simulation solutions. These factors allow Hyperion to develop high fidelity, rigorous models in an efficient and cost-effective approach.

Hyperion dynamic simulator models are based on a combination of technologies that deliver highly accurate real-time representations of plant behavior.

OTS systems can be developed and delivered for both Emulated and Stimulated (direct connect) solutions for the Distributed Control System (DCS) and Emergency Shut Down (ESD) sections of the Operator Training Simulator.

Hyperion’s OTS solutions represent the best-in-class combination of technology, experience and methodology. The solutions are based on proven leading-edge commercially accepted technology, which offer OTS systems with extensive capabilities.