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Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

LIMS Brochures & Material

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SampleManager LIMS

SampleManager is designed for organizations seeking to standardize on a LIMS across all labs. With proven, dependable technology at its core, SampleManager is full-featured for industrial process labs, easily configured and easy to use. The LIMS can be implemented to support local and global lab deployments, is scalable for a large user base, and available in multiple languages. SampleManager provides the foundation for a complete lab automation solution by integrating with instruments and laboratory and business systems, including PIMS, MES and ERP solutions. Version 9.0 offers open standard architecture with Microsoft® .NET and a new "inductive" user interface that reduces errors.

Sample Manager - LIMS Capabilities (PDF)
Sample Manager Brochure – Process (PDF)

Darwin LIMS

Darwin LIMS is specifically designed to address the unique needs of pharmaceutical manufacturing R&D and QA/QC labs. Darwin's unique batch and product oriented design aligns directly with pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, allowing R&D and production data to be logically organized, summarized and reported. By including industry specific standard functionality that is directly supported by our helpdesk, Darwin provides 'out of the box' nearly everything pharmaceutical manufacturing labs need, and nothing they don't.

Darwin Brochure (PDF)

Nautilus LIMS

Nautilus LIMS is designed for the unique requirements of dynamic labs. A flexible and intuitive interface graphically maps laboratory workflows to meet the needs of even the most dynamic environments. Full functionality for plate handling and manipulation can be used to track plate movement and genealogy, while standard integration functionality allows data to be easily imported without coding from a variety of analytical instruments.

Nautilus Brochure (PDF)

Atlas CDS

The Atlas chromatography data system controls hundreds of instruments from a variety of vendors in compliance with FDA regulations, including 21 CFR Part 11. Atlas was developed in partnership with leading chromatographers to easily configure to any laboratory’s workflow while providing the flexibility to integrate with LIMS and other data management systems for a scalable, compliant solution.

Atlas CDS Brochure (PDF)