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Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

Hyperion Celebrates its 20-Year Anniversary in Providing Solutions and Services to the Global Process Manufacturing Industry

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Hyperion Systems Engineering Group (Hyperion), celebrates in 2013 its 20 years of providing consulting, advisory services and systems engineering solutions for the international process manufacturing industry. Hyperion’s business to-date and its plan of activities for the 2013, anniversary year, were presented during a Press Conference held in Nicosia, Cyprus."


Nicosia, Cyprus, 28 February 2013. Hyperion, a globally operating, independent provider of engineering services and solutions, celebrates its 20-year anniversary. The occasion was marked by a Press Conference at Nicosia's Hilton Park Hotel, earlier in February, where Dr. Symeon Kassianides, Chairman and CEO of Hyperion, Stavros Spanos, Hyperion’s EVP of Marketing & Partnerships and Professor Lawrence Evans, Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chairman of Rive Technology Inc. and former Director of Hyperion, spoke on the company's present and future plans.

In his short address, Dr. Kassianides made reference to the recent expansion of the Group in the US with the incorporation of a subsidiary in Orlando, FL. He also stated that 2013 began on a high note for the company, among others with the award to Hyperion by the President of the Republic, of the Cyprus Export Services Award for 2011, in a ceremony that took place at the beginning of February 2012 at the presidential palace. The Cyprus Export Awards are organized by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Tourism, and they were awarded in recognition of Hyperion's ongoing efforts to improve quality and increase the volume of services and solutions to its customers worldwide.

Hyperion's activities for the 2013 celebration year include:

  • The inaugural Hyperion Lecture at the University of Cyprus at the beginning of February, with guest speaker Dr. Lawrence B. Evans, one of the founding members of Hyperion, who also attended the Press Conference as Hyperion’s honored guest. The lecture entitled “Fostering Innovation with an Impact: The MIT Experience in Creating Entrepreneurial Success”, is part of a corporate programme which Hyperion established this year with the University of Cyprus.
  • The Gold Sponsorhip of the inaugural Eastern Mediterranean Gas Conference (EMGC), on 8–10 April 2013, in Nicosia. The EMGC is the first event of its kind in Cyprus organized "from within" the hydrocarbons community by Gulf Publishing Co., the publisher of HYDROCARBON PROCESSING and WORLD OIL magazines, two of the most reputable reference publications of the industry. The conference will give special focus to the latest market and technology trends related to the exploration, drilling, production, processing and marketing of natural gas in the Cypriot and Israeli sectors of the Eastern Mediterranean Subsea and is expected to cover such critical issues as resource potential leasing/permitting, development plans, infrastructure requirements, governmental plans and regulations, and more.
  • The Hyperion Student Excellence Awards in June 2013, during the University of Cyprus graduation ceremony. These annual awards will be given every summer to two top students for their work and performance in courses relevant and related to Hyperion's activities, and will be matched by offers of full-time employment in the Hyperion Group.
  • Increase of the company's presence and influence in the Cyprus education sector with a number of initiatives. Those include several paid internships in cooperation with local Universities over the summer months to work and obtain training and experience with Hyperion’s divisions in Cyprus, as well as engagement with the Cyprus Ministry of Education in the secondary school sector, with Career Orientation seminars around process engineering and participation in the graduate year "experience week" programmes.
  • The launch in September 2013, of the Hyperion Academy, a specialized technical know-how initiative which will utilize the knowledge and human capital expertise within the Hyperion Group to bridge the gap between formal academic education currently offered by Universities and the need for specific, specialised skill set training in the emerging hydrocarbons industry in Cyprus.

During the press conference, it was also pointed that 2013 marks the 10-year anniversary from the establishment of Hyperion Systems Engineering Russia and Hyperion Systems Engineering India, as well as the 10-year anniversary from the entry of Hyperion into Steel and Aluminium, with the acquisition of Broner Metals Solutions UK. Celebrating these, the company will hold separate events in the above countries during the second part of the year.

Concluding, Hyperion announced that through the end of 2013, it will be using a purposely amended logotype in all its corporate communications as a statement of its 20-year presence and expertise in consulting & advisory services, systems engineering solutions and professional implementation services and support to process manufacturers.

The press conference ended with a cocktail where members of the press had the opportunity to meet and talk with senior members of the Hyperion Group management.