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Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

Hyperion at the Economist Investment Energy Summit - Greece, Cyprus & Israel

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Nicosia, Cyprus – 15th April 2012. Hyperion Systems Engineering Public Ltd., the leading independent solutions provider to the global process industry and the only company of its kind in Cyprus participated at the regional Investment Energy Summit organised by the Economist Conferences that was held in Athens on 28th and 29th March 2012.

The objective of the summit was to enlighten each aspect of Greece’s, Cyprus’s and Israel’s collaboration on issues regarding the strategy of the new energy landscape, covering topics such as :

  • The Economist's forecast on energy
  • The status of energy exploration and its geostrategic significance for the region
  • Exclusive Economic Zones: a necessity or not?
  • Greece, Cyprus, Israel: Infrastructure projects for the transportation of natural gas.
    Pipeline or LNG?
  • Natural gas pipelines: ITGI, IGB, SOUTH STREAM, NABUCCO, TAP
  • Overcoming the challenges of exporting Middle Eastern gas to Europe
  • Recent developments in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan
  • Russia's future strategy
  • Energy market liberalisation: significant developments
  • Market structure, networks and increased penetration of renewable energy sources
  • Renewable energies and energy efficiency
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Waste management for energy purposes
  • Financing energy project

Hyperion Systems Engineering was one of the supporting contributors of this event, with the company's CEO, Dr. Symeon Kassianides chairing a panel themed " Renewable energies and energy efficiency - Promoting environmental sustainability ".


The event attracted significant attendance, including the energy ministers of Greece, Cyprus and Israel, several CEOs of regional and international companies like Noble Energy, the first energy company to conduct exploration activities within the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone, as well as diplomats, academics, bankers and journalists.