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Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

Hyperion to Provide Support and Maintenance Services to GS-Caltex in Korea

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Watford UK,8th August 2005. Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd, which provides high quality custom made solutions and services to process industries worldwide, has announced a new contract to provide comprehensive Application Support and Maintenance Services for Operator Training Simulators (OTS) to GS-Caltex in Yeosu, Korea.

GS-Caltex, one of the leading refineries in Asia, has three OTS systems, which are used to ensure their entire operations team is able to operate the plant effectively. Recent plant changes have led to a requirement to update these OTS systems, by incorporating the changes and additions into the simulators. This will ensure that operators can continue to be trained to operate the plant confidently, safely, and to the highest efficiency.

GS-Caltex has a goal to be "The Leader in Providing Energy Service" and consider OTS to be one of the key technologies to help them achieve this. Mr Jae-Cheol Ahn, Team Manager of GS-Caltex Corporation said, “Having the simulator maintained by highly skilled resources familiar with our OTS technology, is critical to the success of our program to continually improve operations performance using the investment we have made in OTS.”

Hyperion will be working with Hayoung Company Ltd of Korea, who provide GS-Caltex with a variety of maintenance services. Mr Young Woon Choi, President of Hayoung Co. Ltd. says, “We chose Hyperion as our partner because they are the only company with the depth of skill and experience in OTS that GS-Caltex need, and have a worldwide capability to provide this resource.”

Dr. Symeon Kassianides, CEO of Hyperion, said “The unique skills of Hyperion engineers, together with their familiarity with the GS-Caltex OTS technology and specific applications, is a valuable service which we are pleased to offer. We are very pleased to be working with GS-Caltex again to ensure their investment in OTS is protected.”