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Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

Hyperion to provide Dynamic Simulation engineering study with ENI Snamprogetti

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Dynamic simulation enables process design to be verified ahead of construction to reduce project risk.

Watford UK, 1st December 2006. Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd., the leading independent OTS supplier provides high quality custom made solutions and services to process industries worldwide, has announced that will perform a dynamic simulation engineering study on a train of gas gathering compressors.

Hyperion has performed a large number of dynamic simulation studies for major corporations, and will work together with ENI Snamprogetti on this project. Hyperion will perform the dynamic simulation engineering study on the gas gathering compressors at three pressure levels (atmospheric, LP and HP). The high fidelity dynamic control and operability study model will be implemented in Hysys Dynamics. The study will include a series of safety and operability studies to investigate the expected performance of the compressors under a wide range of conditions.

Hyperion will provide the dynamic simulation model file as a deliverable. The model will be designed for ease of use, so that the customer can carry out further additional studies themselves. This will include special functions, such as event sequence logic, to allow typical operations to be easily repeated; and built-in options to simulate changes in operation modes, such as switching between motor torque curves and acceleration curves for compressor startup and power calculations.

The simulation includes Hyperion-developed models of the CCC compressor advanced controls, antisurge, loadsharing, power limiting and master performance control. The Hyperion approach also includes a study of the control system, including the power requirements of the electric motors during the start up.

Dean Jones - Vice President for Modelling & Simulation Solutions at Hyperion said, “This is a great opportunity for Hyperion to work closely with Eni Snamprogetti, to deliver significant engineering value from the use of dynamic simulation technology. This will enable engineering management to verify in advance, the performance of the plant during the engineering phase and before construction. Hyperion is committed to delivering value to our customers using a combination of simulation technologies and the acknowledged expertise of our team.”