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Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

Hyperion Delivers Operator Training Simulator to Luberef, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

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Another turn-key project delivered on-time and on-budget.

Athens, Greece, 15th February 2007. Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd., the leading independent Operator Training Simulator (OTS) supplier announces the successful delivery of a full-scope operator training simulator for the lubricants refinery of Luberef II in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.

The scope of Hyperion’s solution included:
  • Development of high fidelity process models suitable for describing the dynamic behavior of the plant. These included models for the vacuum distillation (VDU), propane de-asphalting (PDA), furfural extraction (FEU), Exxon-Mobil’s catalytic de-waxing (MLDW), the hydrogen and utilities/offsites units.
  • Accurate simulation of the plant’s emergency shutdown system.
  • Instructor and field-operator stations, separate from the engineering station.
  • Integrating the accurate process models with a Yokogawa CENTUM CS3000 distributed control system (DCS), while updating the graphics and controls used in the plant to a newer version.
  • Turnkey responsibility for hardware and software procurement.
  • Documentation and end-user training.
The OTS system is primarily used for training the Yanbu refinery operators on abnormal situations and for operator certification. Throughout the plant life, it will be used for engineering improvements and validation of new control strategies. After the successful site acceptance test in Yanbu, the system is being used for early training of Jeddah plant operators.

The achievements of the project have been consistent with the goals agreed by Dr Symeon Kassianides, (Hyperion Chairman and CEO) and Mr Omar S Bazuhair (Luberef President and CEO) at the kick off meeting held in Bahrain in March 2006.

Mansour Al Dighaithir, Central Engineering Manager at Luberef, said: “Our choice to work with Hyperion has been excellent. We have received a state-of-the-art simulator, based on the latest commercially available technology, while the project was delivered as planed and within budget. We are most impressed with the abilities of the Hyperion team and their flexibility to ensure the project was successful.”

Dean Jones, Vice President for Modeling and Simulation Solutions at Hyperion, said: “Once more we have demonstrated our ability to work together with world-class customers and deliver high value turnkey solutions. We will continue using our expertise in delivering full-scope operating training simulators to support the profitability of our clients and ensuring our continuous growth. Being independent from DCS and process licensing technology companies allows us to provide solutions that take advantage of the best combination of available technologies and expedite project execution”.