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Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

Hyperion present in the 2007 AIChE spring meeting

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Hyperion simulates the dynamic behavior of a Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) unit and predicts in advance the plant behavior when using hydro-treated feed.

Athens, Greece. 25 May 2007. Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd., the leading independent Operator Training Simulator supplier and provider of lump-sum turn-key solutions and services to the process industries worldwide, announced their participation in the 2007 AIChE Spring National Meeting, which took place in Houston, Texas on 23-26 April.

The conference is organized by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (www.aiche.org), one of the world’s leading institutions for chemical engineering professionals, with more than 40,000 members from 93 countries. Hyperion presented a paper on the benefits from dynamic simulation based on the recent delivery of a full-scale operator training simulator for a Mild Hydrocracker and a Fluid Catalytic Cracking unit to a European refinery.

The presentation highlighted:
  • The challenges faced in modeling an FCC reactor.
  • The detailed, first-principle Hyperion approach for the whole FCC system (reactor, riser, cyclones, stripper, regeneration, standpipe and slide valves), which ensures that the system dynamics are accurately represented.
  • The ability to predict in advance the unit behavior upon feed change.
  • The simulator value for the client.
The audience demonstrated significant interest in the rigorous modeling of the FCC unit, as well as the techniques used to ensure accurate real-time calculations of the plant behavior during transients. Many questions were focused on the prediction of the unit operation when a hydro-treated feed is used and on the methods used to simulate catalyst deactivation and match the end-of-run conditions.

Dean Jones, Vice President for Modeling and Simulation Solutions at Hyperion, stated: “Hyperion are very pleased to present at the AIChE spring meeting. Dynamic modeling and operator training simulators generate significant value for the process industries. Our participation in the leading conferences gives customers the opportunity to understand more about the technology and its value as well as Hyperion’s unique capabilities”.