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Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

Hydrocarbon Processing : Fine-tune diesel hydrotreating operations

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Modern plants are heat integrated and are increasingly more automated. Smooth processing conditions dull the operators’ skills in handling abnormal events. Likewise, fewer young people are entering refinery operations as senior personnel retire. To remedy the experience gap, a Middle East refinery opted to use an operator training simulator for a new diesel hydrotreater. This program focused on training and fine-tuning the needed skill set for the hydrotreater operations’ employees.


The article published on the October 2011 issue of Hydrocarbon Processing magazine, was co-authored by process control engineers from Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery and process modeling engineers from the OTS group of Hyperion Systems Engineering.

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pdfico hcp oct 2011 fine-tune diesel hydrotreating operations.pdf