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Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

4th Panhellenic Conference on Chemical Engineering

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Impressive was HYPERION’s presence at the 4th Panhellenic Conference in Chemical Engineering, held in Rion, Patras, May 29 to 31, 2003.

Our booth decorated by the beautiful display posters provided by Virginia Kefala was entusiastically manned by Yannis Bessiris, Vassilis Harismiadis, Konstantinos Mermigkis, Stavroula Poulou, Yannis Sargantanis, and Nikos Spiliotis, all very eager to provide information on HYPERION regarding not only our main lines of business but also on career opportunities and the company’s working environment and culture. Technical papers presented by: Vassilis Harismiadis (in collaboration with Yannis Besiris, Vassilis Kontos, Yannis Sargantanis & Thanasis Tsifoutis) on “Dynamic Simulation of a Natural Gas Plant”; Nikos Spiliotis (in collaboration with Dionyssia Kyriakopoulou) on “Optimization of Chemical Processes in Real Time: Methodology and Applications”; and Yioryos Protopappas, a graduating ChE, NTUA student working in collaboration with Stavroula Poulou under the bioHPR-NAS EU funded project, on “Simulation of biomass gasification: a thermodynamic approach.” All presented work, including a poster by the aforementioned DATS group generated great interest and lots of discussions. This biannual conference keeps track of recent advances in Chemical Engineering and attracts Greek Chemical Engineers from the mainland and abroad, mainly from Academia, HYPERION being a notable exception coming from Industry. Our continuous presence at the conference and our generous sponsorship of the event has become a company tradition and demonstrates HYPERION’s commitment to support sound undergraduate education in core Chemical Engineering subjects and HYPERION’s willingness to become involved in scientific research and innovation.

Photos from the conference