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Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

Hyperion Completes Dynamic Process Simulation Study for Fluor MidEast Limited

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Watford UK, 18th June 2008. Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd, the leading independent simulation solutions supplier, announced today that it had successfully completed an engineering-grade dynamic simulation study for Fluor Mid East Limited.

Hyperion was contracted by Fluor to develop a high fidelity dynamic simulation of the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd (GASCO) Habshan Gas Complex expansion project, and to subsequently perform a series of engineering study scenarios. The aim of the study was to verify the new compressor anti-surge protection systems and the performance of the overall load-sharing and control systems. In addition, the results of the study were used as a first step in understanding the operation of the equipment well in advance of commissioning.

The study was unusual in that the expansion project installs a new single-stage LP compressor and a new two-stage MP compressor to operate in parallel with a similar number of existing machines of different capacity and design philosophy, as well as two new two-stage Feed Gas compressors to operate in parallel. Therefore, the study investigated the performance of the new plant and the potential impact on the existing plant equipment. Due to the large number of possible combinations of operation, 60 scenarios were studied. A number of recommendations for control system changes arose that optimize the operability of the overall plant. In particular, the suggested control system changes will minimize production losses and allow rapid recovery in the event of sudden process upsets.

The high-fidelity dynamic model of both the new and existing compressor trains was constructed taking into account all the available detailed engineering design data. The simulation reflected both summer and winter design conditions and included specific operating and design scenarios which were analysed in order to achieve the objectives of the study.

Steve Flood, Project Engineer at Fluor, said: “These dynamic studies help to predict how the new and existing machines will interact and allow anti-surge and load sharing considerations to be taken into account during the design stage of the project. The predictions of the dynamic simulations also provide valuable reference data for start up and commissioning of the machines. Fluor selected Hyperion due to Hyperion’s proven experience in this area. Working together, the Fluor and Hyperion team were able to verify the performance of the equipment within the project timeline. Hyperion was able to be flexible in meeting all our needs and meet the challenges of a demanding schedule in a very professional manner”.

Dean Jones, VP of Modelling & Simulation Solutions at Hyperion, added: “We are very pleased to have worked with Fluor to help them on this important project. Our team is committed to help customers derive real bottom-line benefits from the application of rigorous dynamic simulation techniques across the project lifecycle”.

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